What is scar tissue therapy and how can it help you and your horse?

Scars are created when there is trauma to the body (internal or external) and the normal tissue is replaced with fibrotic (scar) tissue. When scarring occurs the fibrotic tissue can become adhered to the fascia (connective tissue) or internal organs, causing pain in the body at seemingly unrelated locations. It can also restrict the range of movement of the individual and create areas on the body that are numb or painful.

Scars can be treated regardless of their age but some of the most common that I treat are:


  • Gelding scars (often the cause of bucking or difficulty with lateral movements)
  • Muscle tears (particularly in the hamstrings)
  • Leg injuries as a result of fence accidents
  • Chest and abdomen injuries as a result of the horse impacting on a fence gudgeon


  • Appendectomies (often causing back pain)
  • Caesarian section (causing numbness or pain in the abdomen or general fatigue)
  • Operation incisions following bone breaks (particularly ankle breaks or knee reconstructions)

Irrespective of age, most scars can be treated using McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Therapy. MSTR is a gentle method of helping you or your horse get the best possible outcome post injury. During treatment, fingertip pressure is applied to the area using small moves for a maximum of 15 minutes per session. The most common results from treatments are:

  • Increased feeling to the area
  • Flattening of the scar
  • More natural colour to the scar
  • Reduced pain in the area or other areas that may be compromised due to adhesions pulling in seemingly unrelated areas
  • Reduced restriction throughout the body leading to greater flexibility.

Do you have any scars? Do you have back pain that only started after abdominal surgery? Does your horse have trouble lifting its feet over poles? Does it buck during the canter transition? These are all indications that scar tissue therapy could assist you or your horse.

If you are interested in discussing your situation, or that of your horse, please feel free to reach out to my via email to discuss.

Have a great day.


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