Why Riders Should Have Bowen Therapy As Well As Their Horse

Why is it important that the rider is treated as well as the horse?

Over time the connective tissue in the body can become sticky in places which causes crookedness, restricted range of movement or stiffness.  It happens to the best of us; we sit with our legs crossed, we stand with more weight on one leg, we sit for long periods, thats just life.  Unfortunately though, just because it may not be causing us any pain doesn’t mean it isn’t happening and, as riders, doesn’t mean that it’s not impacting our horses.

What is the impact on our horses?

When we are sitting slightly to one side, or leaning a little too far forward, or holding more weight in one stirrup than the other, or are not quite as flexible with one leg as we are with the other, you can guarantee your horse knows it.

In order for the horse to remain balanced in motion, it needs to make adjustments for the load (us) that it is carrying.  As you can see in the image, this rider is sitting slightly tilted right with more weight in the right stirrup so the horse is raising its right hip slightly to offset the rider. This will result in tension and stiffness in the horse as it tries to compensate for the rider and will, more generally, result in a horse and rider combination not performing as well as they should.

Just imagine if you had to walk around with weight on your back that was unevenly balanced for a period of time, it would get sore right? It would impact how well you move and how willing you are to do so.

Here are a few of the comments I get after treating a rider for the first time:
🐴 OMG that’s the best ride I have had in ages
🐴 My horse moved so much better
🐴 My horse was so much more willing then normal
🐴 I felt more balanced and secure in the saddle

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