Breaking up with your body worker

I see a couple of interesting behaviours in the horse industry so I thought it would be good to address one of them here and that is ‘ghosting’ your horse bodyworker (not returning their calls and messages all of a sudden). 

Often times an owner will be using a particular modality (Bowen, Chiro, Osteo etc) and will be getting good results but they want to try a different angle to see if they can gain further improvement.  This is an approach that I wholeheartedly agree with because modalities work differently for each horse and the ultimate goal should be to help the horse.  Additionally, many modalities are complementary to each other so the very best results can often be gained by using two modalities together, just as we do by going ourselves to a chiro and a physio at the same time.

Unfortunately though what often happens is that the horse owner  ‘ghosts’ their current bodyworker while they use another.  I’m fairly certain it’s not rudeness, my guess is that they don’t want to offend the bodyworker they are currently using by telling them they want to try a different modality. 

My response to this is “Don’t be!”.  First and foremost your bodyworker should have the best interests of your horse in mind so should not be offended or threatened by another professional joining in the care program.  You may even find that your current bodyworker could suggest complimentary modalities or practitioners that they would personally recommend.  The second reason is more personal in that your bodyworker genuinely cares about your horse and your journey with them so if you disappear without a trace we wonder how your horse is going, whether you competed in that show or how that injury is healing.  We are in this business because we love it so are genuinely interested even if we aren’t currently treating your horse.

I personally refer a lot of business to other modalities and look for opportunities to meet other practitioners and understand their treatment so that I can provide this information to my own clients.  When I speak with other practitioners they generally always share the same view so please…. don’t ghost us!

Have a great day

PS:  Here is a photo of my own horses, Bella and Nike.  In the last 12 months both have been seen by practitioners of four different modalities in conjunction with the Bowen Therapy they receive from myself. 🙂