Treatment for Horses

Riding your horse prior to treatment is fine but it is recommended that your horse gets 24 hours off work following treatment.  This is because the treatment continues to work for 24-48 hours following the session so we want to ensure your horse receives the maximum benefit from its treatment

It is preferable that your horse does not have its feet trimmed two days either side of treatment as trimming adjusts the angles of the feet and legs and the horse needs to accommodate this change.  If it is essential that your horse has its feet trimmed then it is recommended that this is done prior to Bowen Therapy.

Don’t stress, you will receive a written report by email following treatment that will detail the findings and any recommendations.

It is recommended that if your horse is having its teeth done that you arrange for Bowen Therapy within a week following dental work to ensure that the horses Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ), or jaw, is functioning correctly.  If the horse has any tension in the TMJ following dental work this will be reflected elsewhere in the body.

Bowen Therapy is very effective alongside other modalities but it is recommended that you leave at least two days, preferably a week, between any other treatment and your Bowen Therapy session.  This is to allow the body to make adjustments prior to further input so you receive the maximum benefit out of all therapies. 

Treatment for Humans

Both options are available.  You can come to the clinic in Te Kauwhata or I can bring a mobile table to your location.  Please note that charges apply for the mobile service

It is not a requirement for Bowen Therapy to undress as treatment is effective through clothing.  For scar tissue therapy the treatment needs to be completed directly on the skin so the area of the scar will need to be uncovered. Your modesty is my highest priority and draping will be provided if necessary.

It is recommended that you allow your body to rest and recover for 24 hours following treatment.  A light walk is recommended but strenuous activity should be delayed.

This can happen if you are dehydrated.  Following Bowen Therapy the body draws fluid back to the connective tissue to rehydrate and mobilise the area which can result in a dehydration headache.  It is recommend that you increase your water consumption following treatment

When fibrotic tissue is created it can become adhered to organs, muscles and connective tissue causing pain and restricted movement elsewhere in the body.  Often a small, forgotten scar elsewhere on the body could be the cause of your back pain or lack of flexibility.

Treatment for Dogs

It is recommended that dogs do not participate in intense physical activity for 24-48 hours post treatment. This is to allow the dog’s body to process treatment and gain maximum benefit. However, if you have a working dog that needs to be used it will not harm the dog to exercise following treatment. Light exercise is recommended if the dog it interested to keep the body moving.
It is recommended that dogs are not groomed for 24-48 hours post treatment to allow the body to absorb treatment without any further stimulus. This will ensure your dog received maximum benefit from treatment.
Following treatment, the body goes through a resetting phase that quietens the nervous system and expels toxins. This can leave the dog feeling quite relaxed or quite tired. You may also notice that they are more thirty as toxins leave the body.