Scars are created when there is trauma to the body (internal or external) and the normal tissue is replaced with fibrotic tissue. The new fibrotic tissue can become adhered to the fascia or internal organs causing pain in seemingly unrelated locations. These adhesions can also result in restricted range of movement and flexibility.

MSTR® is a pain free method of helping you and your horse by using gentle, fingertip pressure to release the fibrotic tissue and restrictions. This technique can be used on any scar, no matter the age, but is particularly effective on:


  • Appendectomies
  • Caesarians
  • Bone breaks resulting in operations
  • Muscle tears
  • Back pain which began following an operation to the torso (often an appendectomy or caesarian)


  • Muscle tears
  • Gelding scars
  • Leg injuries
  • Fibrotic tissue as a result of ill fitting tack which often results in tightness and discomfort elsewhere in the body

Gelding Scars

Research indicates that geldings have lifelong issues relating to their castration scars due to the scar tissue becoming fibrotic and adhering to the surrounding tissue. This can result in tightness, discomfort, restricted movement and, in extreme cases, can lead to bucking and issues with lateral movement or propulsion.

Using MSTR® I am able to reduce the fibrotic tissue and adhesions, thereby reducing the tightness and discomfort.