Float Maintenance – the what and why

It’s time to check your horse float!

It’s very easy to keep putting this off or assuming that because your float is new that it is fine, but float accidents happen irrespective of the age of the float or the experience of the horse.  That’s your pride and joy in there so its absolutely worth taking the time to check your float.

Here’s a few things you can check off:

  • Tyre pressure and condition.  Too little or too much air can cause the float to tow poorly or risks a tyre puncture.  Hows the tread? Don’t forget to check the spare tyre because you might need that one day.
  • Does the tyre iron in your vehicle fit your float wheel nuts?  No i’m not joking, you would be surprised how often people find it doesn’t.
  • Rust underneath.  Yep, under you go please.  Is there any rust under there?  Is the floor still structurally sound?
  • Door latches.  Do they move smoothly?  You don’t want a stubborn latch if your horse needs to get off quickly and nor do you want the door flinging open on the motorway because it doesn’t latch properly.
  • Towing hitch.  Does the hitch work properly?  Does it have a functioning locking pin?  And a safety chain?
  • Lights.  Ok go and find a friend.  Do the lights work on the float? Indicators?  What about when the headlights are on in your vehicle?
  • Jockey wheel.  Does it stay up securely?
  • Is there anything inside the float that has a sharp edge or sticks up that your horse might get caught on?  Run your hands over things. What could catch on your horses halter or cause an injury to your horse if you were in an accident?
  • How is the internal flooring?  Is it well secured?  Anti slip?  Check to ensure that nothing is coming loose or wearing through that your horse might catch a hoof on.
  • If your float has a removable divider or chest bars, remove them.  You don’t want to find out they are seized during an emergency so periodically remove these to check they operate as they should

And just because we can…. Do you know the total weight of the float with the horses on and what the towing rating is for your vehicle?

Safe travels everyone.